dił [dił]
conjunction. and (joins two words or phrases where the second one is a common nouns)
file://snds/d/dil-dr-hb-01.mp3 Ḵ'odzu sa'winsk dił ha'lipłee. I cut the paper and the tablecloth [at the same time].
Ada ła yaaga g̱asimaayt dił g̱asiluungm hoont a Ksiyaan. And they were gathering berries and drying fish on the Skeena
ła simaayt dił hoo'ntgit. (except to) harvest berries and dry fish.
Ada ła yeltgm aka di dit'aa sm'ooygit dił nakst. And when we came back, the chief and his wife were not here.
Sarah, Bob, Sandy dił kłgüüt, ada kłgüüs Stan liyeldat. Sarah, Bob, Sandy and her kids, and Stan’s kids are coming back.
Sm lisooyag̱a'nmt gyits'iip dił k'abatgüüłk. The kids and I were up early yesterday.
Ada al amaluwant dił łmkdiit da wa̱p txooxk wilt hanho'on nag̱ag̱al'oost. and she was sitting with her brother in the restaurant where they filled up their stomachs.
ts'uu aam da maay dił ho'os ada ḵ'ala'ak'aks. though it’s good for the berries and the fish and the rivers.
Laxg̱alts'ap wil waals Norm dił nahakhałalsgat. Norm and his workers are up in Old Town.
Mela guugu hoon dił myuup. I'm cooking fish and rice at the same time.
'Wii heelda łgümat dił sgusiit ada ts'imaatgm maay. Lots of eggs and potatoes and sweet berries.
Log̱amgaas Brianna dis noot dił nagwaat. They went to pick up Brianna and her mom and dad.
Dm g̱axḵ'almoos'nm dił ts'u'uts'm k'amksiwah, dziła txooxgm. We'll have crabs and chicken when we eat.
Dmt di simaay'nmt Norm dił kaba hanaanaḵ. Norm will take me and the girls berrypicking.
Ada ła 27 years nda di dzaks Mary dił siilgidm łguułgm'yuut. And it’s 27 years since Mary and her oldest son died.
Dzag̱a łaxłaxsa g̱ang̱an ts'alu, dił g̱a'an'onu. The branches scratched my face, and my arms.
Yaał dm dzakł dm da ḵ'adaawła dip Leona dił kłgüüt da laxferry dzida ła 11 o'clock da g̱anłaak. He'll be happy (/pleased) to see Leona and her kids go on the ferry at 11 o'clock in the morning.
Ada ła g̱awdi süülyaxs da k'witk'waatgas dip Lucy dił łmkdiit, And in the afternoon Lucy and her brother got lost
Hasaxda dmt 'waa dm su'nüsiip'nsgit naa dm int supportit dił k'abatgüüłk. She wants her to find a new boyfriend who will support the kids.
Dm g̱oo'yiksa daawmmi'is da sah gya'wn dił popsicle ada aam sg̱abuu goh dahdee ada apples. The ice cream is coming today, and also a few things, cranberries and apples.
dił na g̱aniinksgitga, na, dawila, waayt, with their spouses, their, then, they paddled,
ts'maatga waalsga 'wii xaa log̱mk'yan txaw, dił łgu 'yuuta gwa'a. the big slave was really enjoying pulling the halibut aboard, along with this young man.
G̱awdi da'ik yilyeltgit dił łgu wat'ukw. Afterwards, they would return home, she and her slave.
"Ła g̱awdi nsaksilt dił t'mg̱aws "I already cleaned them and the heads
Ła dip dm gapsda t'mg̱aws dił laan. We were all going to eat the heads and eggs.
'wii lumaan 'wii laan dił t'mg̱aws There was a lot of leftover eggs and heads
wilt lu doos da laan da gwii dił t'mg̱aws that's where she put the eggs in that and the heads
Dayk wil sigyootgit dił wekt. then he set off again with his brother.
dm k'wił woot dił wekt.

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Source: Draft Dictionary entry.