adawx1 [a/*dawx]
1. common noun. true telling; story; history; teaching narrative; 'myth'
../mp3s/a/adawx-db-kk-03.mp3 Ap'ap'axdu heelda adaawx. I remember lots of stories.
Heelda adaawg̱a ap'ap'axdu. I remember lots of history.
Adawxs Łgu Sgyen dm k'a yaatu. The story I'm going to tell you is about Little Pitch.
missing: ../jpgs/4tsm-wmn/cora3.jpg
Cora Robinson, Hartley Bay, photo by Margaret Anderson, 1979.
2. intransitive verb. tell an oral history
../mp3s/a/adawx2-db-kk-03.mp3 Yagwa adawxs dz'i'is da k'am. Dz'i'is is telling us an adaawx.

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