ben [ben]
common noun. abdomen; belly; stomach
../mp3s/b/ben-pr-hb-01.mp3 Ts'üü wil siipga ben łgu 'yuuta da na xmoolkst. The young boy has a bad stomach ache, from eating too much wild crabapples.
../mp3s/b/ban-mb-k-01.mp3 Siipga banu. I have a tummy ache.
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Related entries: Dialectal Variant ban  belly | Dialectal Variant ba̱n  belly | Idiom ben na g̱oot  breathless due to fall or blow | Plural g̱a̱ben  bellies | Plural g̱a̱binben  bellies | Cross Ref: g̱a̱l'oos  stomach

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