Ha'lila̱x simaay [ha/'li/la̱x/si/*maay]
Stem with modifying proclitic composed of: ha'li=  time when/place where, la̱x=  on, simaay  get berries
common noun. September
Ła Ha'lila̱xsimaay ada lu'am'aam g̱ag̱ooda g̱anoonag̱a k'abatgüüłk. It is September and the mothers of the children are happy.
../mp3s/h/Ha'lilaxsimaay-mw-hb-01.mp3 September wil mikmiiga t'u'utsgm maay. September is when the blackberries ripen.
missing: ../jpgs/Seasonal Rounds/09septemberMed.jpg
Image courtesy of School District 52, Aboriginal Education, Wa̱p Sig̱atgyet

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