'liig̱ats ['lii/*g̱ats]
Stem with modifying proclitic composed of: 'lii=  on, g̱a̱ts  pour
1. transitive verb. pour on
'Lii g̱atsdm ksihathot'a̱xgm aks da la̱x'oot. We poured boiling water over it.
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2. transitive verb. reach (of the tide)
../mp3s/'l/'ligats-dl-hb-01.mp3 Ła 'liig̱adza wil gyooksa łgu boot da gyiika. The tide has reached the boat that is on the beach.
Ła 'lii g̱adza xsoo. The tide has reached the boat.

Source: Draft Dictionary entry. entry continued.