g̱a̱dziks [g̱a̱/*dziks]
1. intransitive verb. pour down (of rain); downpour
../mp3s/g-ul/gadziks-sale-ab-ps-01.mp3 G̱a̱dziksa̱ waas. It's pouring rain.
Luk'wil g̱a̱dziksga waas asda g̱a̱nłaak. There was a very heavy downpour this morning.
2. common noun. downpour; heavy rain
3. transitive verb. splash someone or something
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4. intransitive verb. have a sale
Heelda wil g̱a̱dziks da txa̱'nii goo. There are lots of sales on everything.
Heelda wil g̱a̱dziks da ts'm Dzeller's. There is a lot of sales at Zeller's.
5. intransitive verb. declare bankruptcy; sell out (lit. throw water on everything).

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