nag̱oox [na/*g̱oox]
Stem with modifying proclitic composed of: na=5  where, g̱oox  in the beginning
CL-INIT subordinating conjunction. before; in front of
Hoy p'a̱xsa̱ts'aalxs nag̱oog̱a dm gwa̱tk. Wear longjohns before it gets cold out.
A ła 'ni'nii na lip ḵoomsga hana'axga a nag̱oog̱a dm dzakt. In short everything that his wife had requested before she died he did.
Ada nag̱oog̱a dm dziiwst ada wilt kwdaxsit. And just before dawn he left her.
Ada ła nag̱oog̱a dm dziiwst... Just before first light...
Ada nag̱oog̱a dm laałgatga, adat wil 'wii sigwelga laktga a dm wil la̱mgm laałgatga. And before lying down, then they made a big fire in order to keep warm lying down.

Related entries: Dialectal Variant na̱g̱ooḵ  before | Plural taag̱oox  ahead

Bibliographic sources: Dunn, Practical Dictionary entry: 1500.
Source: Draft Dictionary entry.