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1. personal pronoun. he/she/it/they/him/her/it/them - 3rd person absolutive pronoun, singular or plural used as a subject in intransitive sentences and as a object in transitive sentences
Ada gyik wil xswooxsgit. And he dove again.
Ayn, łguksntu. No, I can't do it.
Adat sm hoyag̱m mag̱oontm. And s/he properly explained it to us.
Ada wilt 'waayu haas. And the dog found me.
"Wayi, wah, dm k'a di gwiniits'ndu na ha'l'ig̱almiilgu da k'wan," dayag̱a, "g̱al." 'Now, okay, I will show my playground to you he said, 'come on.'
2. possessive pronoun. 3rd person possessive pronoun, singular or plural.
Adat yedza n'wii wa̱xłt a la̱x aks. And he hit the water with his big tail.

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