hagwilhuu [ha/*gwil/huu] ../mp3s/h/hagwilhuu2-mw-hb-01.mp3 ../mp3s/h/hagwilhuu-mw-hb-01.mp3 ../mp3s/h/hagwilhuu-dl-k-01.mp3
common noun. rope; line; string
../mp3s/h/hagwilhuu-mw-hb-01.mp3 Smgyit snyaagwkda łgu'yuuta̱ hagwilhuu. The little boy is holding the rope very tightly.
'Yikwła'on dm sg̱a'naga hagwilhuu. The rope will be eight fathoms long.
../mp3s/h/hagwilhuu2-mw-hb-01.mp3 'Yikwdeldm sga 'naga hagwilhuu dm hasag̱u.
missing: ../jpgs/h/hagwilhuu.jpg
Photograph by Tammy Blumhagen
missing: ../jpgs/images-print-artist-b-w-drwings-jpgs/Rope 1.jpg
Image from Print Artist Platinum solftware, version 23, Supplementary Graphics CD.

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