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transitive verb. give food
Gyiinł a si'anaayn. Give him/her/them some of the bread you made.
Nm gyiin da xbiiyee yee na 'ma̱gu. I will give you a piece of spring salmon I caught.
../mp3s/gy/gyiin-vn-hb-01.mp3 Gwisg̱a, gyiini a wooks! Hey, why don't you give me some wooks.
../mp3s/g/gyiin-db-kk-03.mp3 Ndm giin da wooksm txaw. I'm going to give you some dried halibut strips.
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Related entries: Spelling Variant giin  to give | Cross Ref: gyigyiinwa̱xł  pray | Plural gyingyiin  give food | Derivative gyiinł  give food

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