a2 [a]
preposition. to; toward; at; on; from; in; etc. A general preposition, signifying location or movement, used with common indefinite nouns in the indicative and subjunctive. To be more explicit about the location or direction, following noun may be modified by locative proclitics (e.g. a ts'm=xbiis: in the box)
../mp3s/a/a2-db-kk-03.mp3 Ła dm ḵ'aym ax'axłgit a Ts'a'mas. They will soon arrive in Vancouver.
Ada luḵ'alayaat a txalaansga awta. And he followed behind porcupine.
Wayi ła ts'iiga muu gyediya a gyiyaaksi'i, Well, when the people from out there (Kitkatla) heard rumours of this,
ada wil 'yag̱ayaat a dzog̱a aks... and walked down to the edge of the water...
Dm kwła waalxs'nm a awaas da'as. We're going to walk across to where aunty lives.

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Source: Draft Dictionary Entry.