Free Variant of: -m1  you
personal pronoun. you
Da hawt das 'niit, "midm naksgu ami dzi 'eesgn midza dm k'wił yets'dza naksm g̱an." And she said to him "you may marry me if you promise to chop up your wife of wood."
"Ami ałga midm ts'i'ini dm aksp'l'odu wil lu sgüün." "If you do not let me in I will break open the place where you lie."
"Wayi naksi, midza ławila siip'nti dziła dzagi, gyiloomdza t'iilt 'yag̱a yaan..." "Well wife, if you still love me after I die, don't be too quick to go down..."

Source: Draft Dictionary entry.