yagwa [*ya/gwa]
CL-INIT tense-aspect marker. tense / aspect marker; continuous; -ing; in the process of doing (Note that yagwa is based on the root yakw with the -a connective; in narratives in the high style when the action is hypothetical or not seen by the speaker, the connective - ł may be substituted, yielding the form yakwł. See the example from Violet Robinson here. The analysis of root-connective can be applied to all the clause-initial tense/aspect markers, but since all the others end in vowels, the -a connective is not pronounced and the ending does not vary as it does with yakw/yagw-. Since the form yagwa is so predominant, it is treated here as the lexical entry)
../mp3s/y/yagwa-dl-hb-03.mp3 Yagwa dip bibuudn. We are waiting for you.
../mp3s/y/yaagwm-di-gapt-bd-hb-79.mp3 Yagwan di gapt. I'm eating it too.
../mp3s/y/yagwa_dp_di_gapt-bd-hb-79.mp3 Yagwa dip di gapt. We're eating it too.
../mp3s/y/yagwa-di-gapdit-dp-gwii-bd-hb-79.mp3 Yagwa dit gapda dip gwii. They are eating it too.
../mp3s/y/yaawn-na-gabu-hoon-bd-hb-79.mp3 Yagwan nah gaba hoon. I was eating fish.
Wayi, yakwł, k'üülda sah gwa'a da haldmbaaga 'wii xaaga, So, now, one day a big slave got up, (Violet Robinson, Txałgiw)

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Source: Draft Dictionary entry.