-m2 [m]
Pronoun[personal]. we (first person plural absolutive pronoun; used as a subject pronoun in intransitive sentences, etc.)
../mp3s/m/m2-vn-hb-01.mp3 Dm ts'ilaaymt Ts'aali. We're going to visit Charlie.
'Al ts'u hahaws Łgu Sgyen, "aam ła dza̱g̱m yeltgm." But even though Little Pitch kept saying "we should return to shore,"
Dm kwda̱xsm t'ooxłgm laxyuuba gwa'a. We will leave this troublesome land.
Ada dm sm dzabm dm wil gyemga txa'nii goo. And then we will make everything warm up.
Dm na diildm, dziiwst ada hup'l. We will work together, day and night.
Luk'wil aam wila waalm. We're really good.
Naayu sgüü dm łootm? Who are we supposed to respect?
Dm tgiłoolsgm la̱xsanm dzigits'iip. We are going to put branches down tomorrow.

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Source: Draft Dictionary entry.