g̱asg̱aaw [g̱as/*g̱aaw]
1. common noun. be a size
Goł g̱asg̱aaw nksłüüsgadut Bill? What size is Bill's shirt?
Hoya̱g̱a g̱asg̱aaw gwa'a. This one is the right size.
2. quantifier. how much; amount
../mp3s/g-ul/gasgaaw-dl-hb-01.mp3 Aam g̱asg̱aaw gyina sgüüt, ła silm yeltga lu'an'on da k'oy. There was quite a bit left over after they returned the collection to me.

Related entries: Dialectal Variant g̱a̱sgaw  how much | Spelling Variant g̱a̱sg̱aw  as much | Derivative g̱a̱sg̱aawt  sized | 'wiileeksa g̱asg̱aaw  large size/great amount

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