'niit1 ['niit]
1. personal pronoun. he/she/it (third person singular pronoun; general, and also used for indirect object)
../mp3s/'n/'niit-em-hb-02.mp3 Adat niisda sts'oolt 'niit. And the beaver saw him.
Wayi, da wila haw awta das 'niit... Well, then the porcupine said to him...
dit lip lu mag̱at das 'niit, dawilat di xswooxsgit. and put one around himself, and then he dove with him.
ma̱xsgit adat güüda̱xtga asga dmt gyiint, a ts'uusgm wineeya as dip 'niit. She didn't pay attention and wool was attached to her fingers and only her fingers moved.
Da hawt das 'niit," midm naksgu ami dzi 'eesgn midza dm k'wił yets'dza naksm g̱an. and she said to him 'you may marry me if you promise to chop up your wife of wood,'
dawila sila̱ksit ła g̱awdi gyik gwingwaanksa wineeya adat liidikskns dip 'niitga t'apxaduulda suma̱xsm hana'na̱g̱a, and then he started a fire cooked food and woke up the the two young women,
wil smgyitgyet as 'niit was a high-ranking person among them.
at güüdaxt as naaga di nabiips dip 'niitga. and asked them who their uncles were.
Ada hawt as dip 'niitga and she said to them
na lip łgwisliisga sm'oogit as dip 'niitga the chief's own nephews were among those were the nephews of the chief
Ada ła 'wiileeksa amwaal as 'niitga, And he now as getting wealthy,
ada dm k'a g̱al wuwaals dip 'niitga and that they stay for a few days
awilt 'niitga t'in meła habilbool for it is she who directs the pathways
at naksgat awilt 'niitga who married her because he
ła dm k'wa'adisk na ts'aba sm'oogit as 'niit that the chief's tribe would be missing him
ada 'nii dm wilt 'nax'nuutga Haida dip 'niit then the Haida would hear them,
ada ałga dm moo'ns dip 'niit. and they would not spare them.
a al dip 'niitga a gwa'a than that of this place.
a nisg̱aatksa nag̱ats'aawsga g̱aniinksga nakst as 'niit that some of the other wives of her husband were ridiculing her
'Am hasag̱u ndm ḵ'amts'n meɫa ligigoo das 'niit, deya. I only want to tell her something secretly, she said.
2. demonstrative.

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