gisg̱alt'amk [*gis/g̱al/*t'amk]
common noun. design, picture; pattern
../mp3s/g/gisgalt'amk-vn-hb-01.mp3 Amap'asa 'wii gisg̱alt'amga sg̱aalsis noos Calvin. The picture that Calvin's mother bought is pretty.
K'yi'namu gisg̱alt'amtk das Tammy dis Margaret. I gave a picture to Tammy and Margaret.
missing: ../jpgs/g/gisg_alt'amk.jpg
missing: ../jpgs/ignace/Pike_Is/P7240044-v.jpg
Rock carving at Pike Island. Photograph courtesy of Marianne Ignace.
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Image from Print Artist Platinum software, version 23, Bonus Graphics CD.

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