betsk1 [betsk]
Dialectal Variant of: batsk2  arrive,
intransitive verb. arrive
../mp3s/b/betsk-pr-hb-01.mp3 Dza uks 'ooyn g̱a̱deelpk dziła betsgm. You throw the anchor over when we get there.
../mp3s/b/batsk-mb-k-01.mp3 Ła dm ḵ'aym betsgit. He is just about to arrive.
Gooyu taym wil betsgn, Dzon. What time did you arrive, John?
../mp3s/b/batsk-vn-hb-06.mp3 Ła dm ḵ'aym betsgas Dzon. John is about to arrive.

Related entries: Plural ma̱xsk2  arrive

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