gisga [gis/ga]
1. demonstrative. there
../mp3s/g/gisga-vn-hb-01.mp3 T'ała mihał gisga wayt gilhawli. There are a lot of dwarf blueberries way up in the back.
Heelda maay gisga dm gooym. There are lots of berries where we are going.
2. preposition. among
...dixswooxsgida gwa̱'a̱ k'wił lu tgu łoo gisga ts'm t'aa. ...he dove with him and they swam around in the lake.
...k'wił lu tgu da łoot gisga ts'm t'aa. ...he swam around with him in the lake.
Wayi haytga, lu haytga łgu g̱an gisga ts'm süülga t'aa gwa̱'a̱. Now there stood, in the middle of this lake stood a small tree.
Wayi ḵ'ala daawł gisga awasga wekt a gyigyaani... So he went to his brother up the channel there...
K'wił huudida gwa'a gyisi sg̱aw wineeya gisga sm'ooygitga. These people who had run away brought food to the chief.
...dat wil k'winuu gwii, hadanii gisga gyet. ...and asked for that, the blackcod, from the people. wila t'iilda dm p'ast, daya gisga hawt. ...he would grow faster, that's what he said.
Da'ik sigyootga dit gya'wn dawila 'li gyookst gisga na uut. Once again they departed and they went to their halibut fishing grounds.
Da'al ayawaa hana̱'a̱x gisga gilhawli... Then a woman hollered from shore...
Ayawaa hana'ax gisga gilhawli, "ła ksi gwaantga gyemgit, K'at'iik," dayag̱a. The woman hollered from shore, "the sun has come out, K'at'iik," she said.
Dawil ła sg̱a 'naga hawsg̱a hana'ax gisga gyilhawli, uks aya̱waat łat dza̱g̱m huutgit. And then, every now and again, the woman from onshore still hollered out to sea, calling them ashore.
...da'ik 'ya̱g̱a̱ yaat gisga gyeeka, hii gyeekat. ...and walked down to the beach, going to the beach.
...dawila silm 'layt yaat gisga wil 'li t'aat. ...and she went back up to the top to where she stayed.
Ada al t'aas noot gisga nlip galts'apda, But her mother was in her own village,
gisga Gitselaasaxga, which was Kitselas,

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