g̱a̱ḵ'awtk [g̱a̱/*ḵ'awtk]
intransitive verb. howl - wolves or dogs, especially a series of short howls; bay
Hat'a̱xga dm wil libag̱ayt g̱a̱ḵ'awtga haas. If a dog howls for nothing it brings bad news.
G̱a̱ḵ'awtga gyibaaw da la̱xdii. The wolf is howling on the hill.
../mp3s/g-ul/gak'awtk-ab-ps-01.mp3 G̱a̱ḵ'awtga gyibaaw da gyilhawli. The wolf is howling up in the hills.
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Source: Draft Dictionary entry.