suwilaay'msk [su/wi/*laay/'msk]
Derivative composed of: suwilaay  learn, -'m  , -sk  
1. transitive verb. teach
../mp3s/s/suwilaay'msk-dl-hb-03.mp3 Alex wilḵ'oosgit da wil suwilaay'msgit. Alex is wise in his teaching.
Sgüü dm ḵ'a̱p g̱a'wnsgm da dm suwilaay'msgm. We must put more effort into our teaching.
Sgüü dm ḵ'a̱p g̱a'wnsgm suwilaay'msgm. We have to really teach harder.
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Theresa Lowther, Marjorie Brown and Velna Nelson. Photograph courtesy of Marianne Ignace.
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Image from Print Artist Platinum software, version 23, Bonus Graphics CD.
2. common noun. teacher
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Image courtesy of Aboriginal Education, School District 52

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Bibliographic sources: Dunn, Practical Dictionary entry: 1804.
Source: Draft Dictionary entry.