łagyigyet [*ła/gyi/*gyet]
Stem with modifying proclitic composed of: ła=  olden times, gyigyet1  people
1. common noun. people of long ago; ancestors
../mp3s/l-bar/lagyigyet-em-hb-02.mp3 Łooda łagyigyeda txa̱'nii yets'isga waaldida la̱x yuup ada txa̱'nii luwaalm ts'm aks. Our ancestors respected all animals that live on land and all things that live in the sea.
missing: ../jpgs/chss-pics-2006/vance-leask-house-deprsn.jpg
Image of a house depression, courtesy of Vance Leask, when he was a Sm’algyax student at Charles Hayes Secondary School.

Bibliographic sources: Dunn, Practical Dictionary entry: 1278.
Source: Draft Dictionary entry.