g̱a̱ts'ilts'al [g̱a̱/ts'il/*ts'al]
1. common noun. faces
../mp3s/g-ul/gats'ilts'al-dl-hb-01.mp3 Yagwa dip p'eenda g̱a̱ts'ilts'alm, dm łat anoog̱m g̱a'nasiip'nsgm. We are painting our faces so that our sweethearts will like us.
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Image courtesy of Aboriginal Education, School District 52
2. common noun. eyes
../mp3s/ts'/ts'ilts'al-dl-hb-03.mp3 Heelda amgyiik da ła lu g̱a̱ts'ilts'al xs'waanx. There are a lot of black ducks when the herring eggs have eyes in them.

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Source: Draft Dictionary entry.