aag̱a̱ t'aa [*aag̱/a̱/*t'aa] ../mp3s/aa/aagat'aa-ac-ps-01.mp3 ../mp3s/aa/aag_a-t'aa-db-kk-03.mp3
Compound Idiom composed of: aax  mouth, t'aa2  lake, ,
common noun. edge of a lake
../mp3s/aa/aag_a-t'aa-db-kk-03.mp3 Na aag̱a t'aa wil wa̱nt. They are sitting at the edge of the lake.
missing: ../jpgs/ignace/animals/DSC00099-2.jpg
Photograph courtesy of Marianne Ignace.
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Image from Print Artist Platinum software, version 23, Bonus Graphics CD.
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Image from Print Artist Platinum, Version 23, Supplementary Images CD.

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