1. preverbal. really; certainly; absolutely; intensifier of following predication
g̱a̱xba mediigm ts'm aks, g̱a̱xba wudi xbiłbuun ada ḵ'a̱p siksuulga txa'niit sometimes grizzly of the sea, sometimes half whales and these were really terrible all of them
Wayi ḵ'a̱p k'üül sahg̱a Then one day
Ada ḵ'a̱p txa'nii sa̱hga waalsga sigyidm na'a̱xga gut ksm Amgyiik a luudisgit. And every day this chief woman Blue Bill Duck woman went out gathering food
Ada ḵ'a̱p txa'nii wineeym amgyeeka güült. And really harvest all different kinds of shell fish.

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Source: Draft Dictionary entry.