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preverbal. seaward; out to sea; out towards the water; from land to water
Dzi t'uksooyn g̱a̱deelpk dzi ła betsgm. Throw the anchor over when we get there.
Uksgyiyaaks wila awulksga łgu xsoo. The little boat is drifting out to sea.
da'ik wila sigyootk uks g̱ot, k'winuu hoon gwii. then he would set off to go out, to ask for that fish.
G̱an ła di heelda 'maktga, da uks g̱o'iksas sm'ooygida gwa'a Therefore when he had caught a lot, then this chief came out,
Dawil ła sg̱a 'nag̱a hawsg̱a hana'ax gisga gyilhawli, uks aya̱waat łat dza̱g̱m huutgit. And then, every now and again, the woman from onshore still hollered out to sea, calling them ashore.
ada uks baask dm di baasgat. The East [offshore] wind will blow.
da sa uksni'itsga gyet the people suddenly looked out to sea
Ła gwildm 'uksgyookst. They already left.

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