sihoon [si/*hoon]
Stem with modifying proclitic composed of: si=1  harvest/do/make/begin, hoon  salmon/fish
intransitive verb. get fish
Dm gwildm g̱awdi'nm dm sihoonm. We will get ready to get fish.
../mp3s/s/sahoon-dl-hb-01.mp3 Aam dzi sihoonm dziła suunt. I hope we get fish this summer.

Related entries: amsihoon  fish trap | Plural g̱a̱sihoon  get salmon | 'nisihoon  fishing place | Spelling Variant sahoon  get fish | wa̱p sahoon  cannery

Bibliographic sources: Dunn, Practical Dictionary entry: 417. Dunn, Practical Dictionary entry: 1698.
Source: Draft Dictionary entry.