gwis'nap'a'la [gwis/'na/*p'a/'la]
Stem with modifying proclitic composed of: gwis=  cover over, 'nap'aa'la̱  button
common noun. button blanket, originally made using abalone-shell buttons; now sometimes made with plastic buttons
Dzaba hana̱'a̱ dm di lip gwis'nap'a'lat. The woman is making herself a button blanket.
../mp3s/gw/gwis'nap'a'la-sr-hb-01.mp3 Gwis'nap'a'la di sgüü da k'oy dan ap luk'wil łuut'ikt. I have a button blanket and I really treasure it.
missing: ../jpgs/g/gwis'nap'a'ala.jpg
Photograph by Tammy Blumhagen

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