aytk [aytk] ../mp3s/a/aytk-mb-k-01.mp3 ../mp3s/s/su'pas-dl-hb-03.mp3 ../mp3s/v_robinson/aytk.vr.hb.80.mp3
transitive verb. call by name; pronounce; take on a name; usage: This refers to the act of bestowing a name on someone at a feast
../mp3s/a/aytk-mb-k-01.mp3 Wayi ła dmt aytgada sup'a̱sm 'yuuta waa. Well, the young man is about to get his name.
../mp3s/v_robinson/aytk.vr.hb.80.mp3 Wayi ła dmt aytgit sup'a̱sm 'yuuta waa. The young man is about to take on a name.

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