ts'iiwkwsa̱ [*ts'ii/kwsa̱]
Derivative composed of: -'a  detransitivizing suffix
1. transitive verb. bail out
Yagwa ts'iiwkwsa̱ 'yuuta a naxsoot. The man is bailing out his boat.
../mp3s/ts'/ts'iikwsa-pr-hh-01.mp3 Goł mig̱an 'wah ts'iiwkwsa̱du boot. Why haven't you bailed out the boat?
../mp3s/ts'/ts'iiwkwsa-ge-hb-01.mp3 hats'iiwkwsm xsoo bailer
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2. intransitive verb. bail out
../mp3s/ts'/ts'iiwksa-db-kk-03.mp3 Dm ḵ'a ts'iiwksa'nu. I'm going to go bail out.

Related entries: Dialectal Variant dziiwkwsa̱  bail | hats'iiwkwsa̱  bailer

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Source: Draft Dictionary entry.