ḵ'a̱'wts [*ḵ'a̱/'wts]
1. common noun. grey cod (this type of cod has a small spine below its mouth that is like a labret)
../mp3s/k_ul_hard/k'awts-1-dl-hb-01.mp3 Ksa ḵ'a̱'wts'a 'ma̱gu. All I caught was a grey cod.
2. common noun. labret (lip ornament worn in a lip-piercing by a high-born woman as a mark of status)
3. common noun. carrots
Aam wila ma̱xsa ḵ'a'wts' a 'ns'ndooyntgu. The carrots are growing well in my garden.
../mp3s/k'ul/k'awts-dl-hb-01.mp3 Ḵ'awts' dm gyik lu kyiḵ'otsḵ'otsm da dm sisuubm. We need to cut more carrots to put in the soup.
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