-u1 [u]
Pronoun[personal]. I; me - first person singular absolutive pronoun, which attaches to the verb
../mp3s/u-dot/u1-dl-hb-03.mp3 Anoog̱u dzabn. I like what you are making.
aam dm k'a stuulu, it will be best to just accompany me,
gwaantgasga t'mḵ'aay ada hawtga, "Ał midm gyiinu a łgu wineeya?" and touched her shoulder and said, 'Are you going to give me a bit of food?'
Da hawt das 'niit, "midm naksgu ami dzi 'eesgn midza dm k'wli yets'dza naksm g̱an." and she said to him 'you may marry me if you promise to chop up your wife of wood.'
Wayi łat haaydzu nagwaadu... My father has sent me...
ada 'nii mi dm wil lu ma̱xdu that is where you must lay me to rest

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Source: Draft Dictionary entry.