basag̱n [*bas/a/g̱n] ../mp3s/b/baasaxk-db-kk-03.mp3 ../mp3s/b/basaxk-2-db-kk-03.mp3 ../mp3s/b/basagan-mb-k-01.mp3
Derivative composed of: basax  divide, -'n  causative
1. transitive verb. divide
../mp3s/b/baasaxk-db-kk-03.mp3 Yagwat basag̱n daala. They are dividing the money.
2. transitive verb. split
3. transitive verb. spread out
../mp3s/b/basagan-mb-k-01.mp3 Ła dm basag̱ntm la'ask. We're going to spread the seaweed.
Ła dm basaxgntu ła̱'a̱sk a la̱x liploop. I am going to spread the seaweed on the rocks.
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Image courtesy of School District 52, Aboriginal Education, Wa̱p Sig̱atgyet
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