sup'as [su/*p'a̱s]
Stem with modifying proclitic composed of: su=  new/newly, p'as  grow
1. intransitive verb. young
Wayi ła dmt aytgida sup'asm 'yuuta waa. This young man is about to take on a name.
Wayi, g̱aniinksgit, naksga su'pasm hana̱'a̱x gwa'a sup'asm 'yuuta gwa'a. Now they got married, this young woman married this young man
T'ooxłga g̱ootsga sup'asm hana'ax, 'wiihawtgida dzabit. The young woman was heartbroken, all she did was cry.
Holtga wil t'aasga sup'asm 'yuutaga ła 'wiileeksdit, da a hawaalt. where the young man stayed was full of arrows, and he had lots of arrows.
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2. common noun. young person

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Bibliographic sources: Dunn, Practical Dictionary entry 1786.
Source: Draft Dictionary entry.