das [das]
preposition. to; from; at; for; form of 'da' used before proper nouns in informal language; before proper nouns denoting present actors in the indicative and subjunctive in the high style. To be more specific about location a locative prefix may be used
../mp3s/d/das-dr-hb-01.mp3 Nah dzabas Ronnie pts'aan das Dick. Ronnie has fixed a totem pole for Dick.
../mp3s/d/das3-vn-hb-06.mp3 Dm haydzu gisg̱alt'amtk das Meli. I'm going to send a picture to Mary.
../mp3s/d/dit-mb-k-01.mp3 Łat k'yilamdat Dzoodza baysik das Dzon. George gave a bicycle to John.

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