g̱an [g̱an]
CL-INIT subordinating conjunction. that's why; why; therefore; fault/cause; cause of (instrumental)
../mp3s/g-ul/gan2-thats_why-mb-kk-01.mp3 Nah aytgida waa 'nii g̱an luulgyit. She got a name that's why she had a feast.
Nüüyu g̱an waalt. It is my fault why it happened.
../mp3s/g-ul/gan-5-mb-kk-01.mp3 'Nii g̱an dooyaxsa booda, lusg̱a'ayee. That's why the boat is strong, the partitions.
'Nii g̱a̱n dooya̱xsa booda lusg̱a̱'ayee. It's the bulkhead which makes the boat strong.

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