-s2 [s]
Spelling Variant of: -as  proper noun connective
1. CN. proper noun possessive connective, used with proper nouns in both the high and everyday styles
../mp3s/s/-s_cn.mp3 Kwaatga na ła'ats Karl. Karl's ball is missing.
Adaawg̱a gwa'a nah gyik nax'nuuyu, adawxs dip gwasda, ła likleet. This is a story I also heard, their story, the people of long ago.
Sgüüg̱ał wa̱sga sm'ooygitga gwii, misola, wa̱sas sm'ooygida gwa'a, moksgm ol, That chief had a blanket, kermode bear, the blanket of this chief, white bear,
Wayi 'ni'nii gyik nax'nuuyu adawxs dip gwasda da gwa'a. Well, this I also heard told by the olden people from here.
Adawxs Łgu Sgyen dm k'a yaatu. The story I'm going to tell you is about Little Pitch.
Wayi, ła batsgit a Kxeen txagyeeka na waalps Niislos, When they arrived below the house of Niislos,
dawila ba̱xłeesga na ts'absga sm'ooygyetga a na looyks ksm Gyilak'yoo. and the tribe of the chief came down and packed up the load of the Robin Woman.
ada txalyaa amawaals Niislos ada gyik 'wiileeksm luulgit a txa'nii Ts'msyen. And the wealth of Niislos increased and he gave a great feast to all of the Tsimshian.
2. CN-PRD. proper noun predicative connective, used with nouns that are subjects and sometimes agents in the everyday style; also used for proper nouns not marked for location or which are absent in the high style
../mp3s/s/s-dl-hb-03.mp3 Da ts'u 'a̱p hahaws Łgusgyen... Then, although Little Pitch repeatedly shouted...

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