k'wila̱'ma̱xs [k'wila̱/'ma̱xs]
Stem with modifying proclitic composed of: k'wila=  always, ma̱xs1  grow
common noun. Native tea; Labrador tea; Hudson's Bay tea; Indian tea. Break off the stems near the ground (or just beneath the last leaves), add a handful to a large pot of boiling water, bring it to boil, then reduce heat and allow it to simmer. It is not picked in the springtime when it flowers; pick it in the autumn or winter. It's very good for helping you feel warm
Scientific name: Ledum groenlandicum
../mp3s/k'w/k'wila'maxs-db-kk-03.mp3 Dm güültm k'wila̱'ma̱xs dziła Ha'lisgwaytk. We'll pick tea on Sunday.
../mp3s/k'w/k'wila'maxs-dl-hb-01.mp3 Ap luk'wil tsima'antis Babo'og̱a k'wila̱'ma̱xs. George really likes Hudson Bay tea.
missing: ../jpgs/n_turner/ledum_groenlandicum.jpg
Photograph courtesy of Nancy Turner.
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Photograph courtesy of Nancy Turner.

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