gyiidza= [*gyii/dza]
Derivative composed of: gyidz  miss
preverbal. almost; nearly; just about (Note: because the action is not a fact, the -i negative/hypothetical pronoun occurs in some of the examples instead of the usual absolutive pronoun)
../mp3s/gy/gyiidza-sc-k-01.mp3 Gyiidza xstaayi a 649. I almost won 649.
../mp3s/gy/gyiidza-vn-hb-01.mp3 Ładm gyiidza hoy'axsu a sgabuu si intahoonu. I am almost satisfied with the amount of fish that I have canned.
../mp3s/gy/gyiidza-sl-mk-01.mp3 Giidza xstaayu a 649. I almost won at 649.
../mp3s/g/gyiidza-db-kk-03.mp3 Gyiidza uks'oksi. I almost fell overboard.

Related entries: Dialectal Variant gidza̱=  almost | Spelling Variant giidza=  almost/nearly

Bibliographic sources: Dunn, Practical Dictionary entry: 463.
Source: Draft Dictionary entry.