g̱oyt'iks [*g̱oy/diks]
Contraction composed of: g̱oyt'iks  come
intransitive verb. come; arrive; come
../mp3s/g-ul/goydiks-bb-hb-01.mp3 Ła g̱oydiksa 'wootgm, hoo! The guests are coming!
Ada łat sidibaa nastootga at g̱ooyxtga, da sit'aatga siip'git da txa̱laan na̱kstga ada 'nii ła g̱oyt'isga huk dzabitga dat 'waa wil sgüü na suna̱kst ła dm ḵ'odza̱xt. And when she finished one side of her weaving, she started to feel sick after her husband had left, and when he returned he found his new wife where she lay, dying.
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