k'yan [k'yan]
1. intransitive verb. go; be; do (a rather unspecific verb, with the flexibility of meaning of the English expression 'do stuff'; the specific interpretation is determined by the context of use)
../mp3s/k'y/k'yan-dl-hb-01.mp3 Sgüü nm ḵ'ala k'yanm a Ksyen. We were supposed to go up the Skeena.
Yagwa dm gyisi k'yant. She is going down river.
2. common noun. things; stuff (a generic noun with the sense of English 'stuff' or 'things', which takes its specific meaning from the context)
"Wayi," dayag̱at, "dzida ła'ik dit dog̱a na k'yenu dm di xswooxsgu," dayag̱at, dm di xswooxsgu," 'Well,' he said, 'if he takes my fish again I'll dive with him,' he said, 'I will dive with him,'

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Source: Draft Dictionary entry.