luulgyit [*luul/gyit]
common noun. feast - lots of people work together to give this type of feast
../mp3s/l/luulgyit-em-hb-02.mp3 Dm hooym gwis'nap'ala dziła luulgit. We will wear button blankets when there's a feast.
../mp3s/h/Ha'lilikluulgyit-mw-hb-01.mp3 Ha'liluulgyit - 'Nii siwaada December, 'nii wil g̱aluulgyida gyet gyik'oł. Ha'liluulgyit - that's what December is called, that's when people feasted in the old times.
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Image courtesy of School District 52, Aboriginal Education, Wa̱p Sig̱atgyet

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Source: Draft Dictionary entry.