dza̱g̱m= [*dza̱/g̱m]
preverbal. ashore; towards shore
Ła dza̱g̱m baa sa̱xs uum txaw. The halibut boat is running in to shore.
Dawila silm dza̱g̱am yeltgis dip gwa'a. And then they returned to shore again.

Related entries: Free Variant dzag̱al=  return in | Stem with modifying proclitic dzag̱m yeltk  return to shore | Stem with modifying proclitic dza̱g̱m baa1  near the end | Stem with modifying proclitic dza̱g̱m baa2  run in to shore | Dialectal Variant dzog̱m=  toward shore

Bibliographic sources: Dunn, Practical Dictionary entry: 243. | Source: Draft Dictionary entry.