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dzog̱a̱t'aa lakeshore | ḵ'ala'aks river | lugyeks sheltered bay | lusilmhaytk back eddy | ma̱g̱oon headwaters | ma̱xłałguul narrows | 'natxa 'nagya'ats into an inlet (wind direction) | 'ntaga̱liilbiksk whirlpool | sg̱asüü mouth of river | siinłik swells | süü aks mouth of river | t'aa lake | ts'a'a̱ks whirlpool | ts'mhuutsa̱x stream | ts'oołuu slow eddy | uks= seaward | uksawulksk drift out to sea | wa̱p liheediksa pool | woo hunt on the water | xba̱xt crest/white caps | 'ya̱g̱a̱gwinuusk waterfall |