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amgyiika seafood | aag̱a̱ t'aa edge of a lake | dza̱g̱m= ashore | dza̱g̱m daawł go ashore | dzog̱a̱'aks shoreline | dzog̱a̱t'aa lakeshore | dzog̱m baask onshore wind/south wind | hałgyeeka beach | ilayaa'wah go close to shore | la̱g̱a̱x txa̱naaẅ landing places or moorings on both sides of a point of land | la̱x'aws beach | la̱xhuu sandbar reef | la̱xwusii sandbar | likst'aa island | ts'iwaanxł point of land | wag̱ayt gyiika way down on the beach | wulag̱m= out of the water onto land | wusii sandbar |