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aaliks servant | düümgyet dead people | git= people | gwiloon three people | gwilpdaat two aboard | gyedm g̱a̱ldoo person who lives at camp | gyet person | gyits'ooya̱x person sitting in the bow of a canoe | k'ool one (person) | kpool ten (people) | ksnsool five (people) | kstmasool nine (people) | ḵ'ooldool six (people) | la̱guulgit burnt possessions of a dead person | liksgyedm gyet stranger | lugwindaat three people aboard a conveyance | łagyigyet people of long ago/tradition | łguyaawks high-born | manwo sailors | midiikya'wn left/left-handed person | sisgyensgmg̱aws blond hair/blond person | smya'wn right/right-handed person | sn'yuuta̱ flirt with men | Stik'iin Tahltan | taag̱oox ahead | txa̱lpxdaat four people aboard a conveyance | txa̱lpxdool four (people) | t'apxa̱duul two (people) | t'aamts'ooya̱x person sitting in the bow of a canoe | t'a̱pxa̱ldool seven (people) | t'a̱pxooldaat seven people aboard | ts'ap tribe | Ts'msyen Tsimshian people | üünksk clumsy person | Wutsdaa Bella Bella people | 'wahtidzoox shameless | 'wiit'agyet elderly person | yuhadaay steering a canoe | 'yikwła'adool eight (people) | 'yikwła'aldaat eight people aboard a conveyance |