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algya̱g̱a̱sk advice | algya̱x speak | asdihaw say something wrong | asgyaaba̱x chatterbox | daya say | daalx speak to | didiidiks speak | gyinahaw keep talking | -g̱at said (it is __) | haw say | huu call | ḵ'amts'n haw whisper | la̱g̱a̱xts'ap dying person who has begun talking to the dead | malsk tell history history/tell | mał tell | p'ilhaw talk about | sina̱woox tell off | sits'üü scold | smhaw say rightly | stuunxł whisper | tgi aya̱waa call down | ts'ikshawks talk tough | 'wa̱hlliidik do not speak | 'wii amhawn speak louder | xbaa'la̱xs talking to the dead | xguula̱ scold/tell off | xsuuns talk/sing to one's unborn baby |