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aliisk move | amliyaat from/found | duula̱hawtk go badly | gisg̱een move over | gyebn emerge | gyisawlks drift down | gyisdaawł move | gyisg̱oo go to another place | gyisidaawł go downstream | gyisk'ya̱n move over | g̱alam g̱ooyt go the wrong way | g̱a̱łdikyaa go aside | hap go in a group | ilayaa'wah go close to shore | k'uł awulksk drifting about | k'uł yaa walk around/come out/separate out | ksigak'ool go out one by one | ksi gwaantk come out | k'yan go/be/do things | ḵ'a̱łik yaa go aside | looyk move elsewhere | łaantk move/agree with someone | łee move | man hap go up in a group | ndo'o Get out/get away! | sg̱a̱daawł go by | sigyootk set out | stuul accompany | suuna go ahead | tgidaawł sink | tgig̱oydiks come down | tgiyaa go down | txag̱oo go by | t'iilt hurry | t'mkyaa walk to the front/towards | t'ooygit move slowly | ts'iin enter | uksawulksk drift out to sea | wa̱h go on/okay | wudnaliisk move closer/move forward/move towards | 'waask come upon/find | 'waatk come from | yaa walk/go | yeltk go back | 'ya̱g̱a̱g̱oo go down and get |