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gugwilx'ya'ansk pass down | gyisawlks drift down | k'yi 'oks fall down | mak'yil drop down | sag̱ayna̱ fall down suddenly | sa'oks fall down | tgi= down | tgidaawł sink | tgidzooł slide down | tgig̱oydiks come down | tgiłoolsk put down | tgi'ooy tossed down | tgit'uus push down | tgiyaa go down | tgi ḵ'apaaytk fall down | tgi ma̱x put down | txalts'aalp pin down/be jammed | ts'uulba̱ksk duck down | xbismsgüü bend over | xłmg̱a̱lḵ'aysiks kneel down | xswooxsk dive | 'ya̱g̱a̱baa run down | 'ya̱g̱a̱gaa take down | 'ya̱g̱a̱g̱oo go down and get | 'ya̱g̱a̱łoo slide down |