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daay steer | da̱g̱at turn left | giwkł paddle a canoe | gwilpdaat two aboard | lugwindaat three people aboard a conveyance | lukba̱ldaat ten (people aboard a conveyance) | luḵ'ooldaat six (people aboard a conveyance) | lutxa̱lpxdaat four (people aboard a conveyance) | lut'a̱pxooldaat seven (people aboard a conveyance) | lu'yikwłdaat eight (people aboard a conveyance) | mo'a̱n put aboard | moxk be aboard | txa̱lpxdaat four people aboard a conveyance | t'a̱pxooldaat seven people aboard | xaayk tip over/capsize | 'yikwła'aldaat eight people aboard a conveyance |